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Services at NHWC

  • Nutrition Response Testing (highlight this to link to the tab Nutrition Response Testing)
  • ASD (ADD/ADHD/Autsim) nutrition
  • Hormone Evaluation and Support:

Intake Forms, Saliva Testing, Hair Analysis.

  • GAPS Counseling and Support
  • Allergy Clearing
  • Weight Loss/ Detoxification: Tired? Weight-Loss Challenges? Poor Digestion? Purify your body and transform your life!

If there was a safe, proven way you could cleanse your body so you can have more energy, maintain a healthy weight, and improve digestion, would you give it a try? Our purification program, based on whole foods, enables your body to gently rid itself of toxins and reset so you can enjoy the best it has to offer.

Many of our patients have experienced eye-opening results from this quality program and we’d like to see you benefit from it as well. Contact us for more information:

707-474-9670 NHWCenter also carries HcG drops and can incorporate these in your Weight loss program.

***Consider the benefits of a support group and get 4 or more friends together and I will schedule a 4-week program designed for specifically for your group that will include nutritional information, emotional support (using ProEFT), and a variety of movement forms to help you have a successful program.
Call for details: 707-474-9670

  • Nutritional support for medical problems: constipation, diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, digestive problems, and more
  • Thyroid nutritional support: Iodine Patch Test: PDF for Iodine Patch Test goes here.

Other Services include:

  • Nutrition support for cancer before, during or after treatments
  • Emotional Support, stress reduction, reversing depression and anxiety (link to EFT Page: http://www.healthofhealers.org/emotionalhealth.php).  The cause of negative emotions (depression, frustration, ongoing anger etc) Is caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system.  ProEFT can bring your body’s energy back in alignment with your true spirit self empowering you emotionally and as well as physically.
  • Health Classes (see calendar of events)
  • And more…….

Downloadable Forms


Valerie Ozsu MSN CNM NP, Certified ProEFT Practitioner
Natural Health and Wellness Center, Inc
524 Merchant Street, Suite A
Vacaville, CA 95688
Office: 707-474-9670
Cell: 707-631-1048

Email: Valerie@healthybalancedwomen.com



It’s officially one year since I began the process and the results are unquestionable. There are so many milestones along the way, not the least of which was the loss of over 20 pounds and achieving my target weight goal in just 8 months.

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