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Instructions for Scheduling an Initial Appointment 
We would love to help you with your health challenges. Here are the steps to start working with Valerie. Please follow these instructions carefully to get the most out of your appointment.

Step 1:

Call clinic and schedule your one hour appointment. 707-474-9670

Step 2:

Download the following forms (see those listed on the right column) and have them completed prior to being seen.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD the forms on the services page unless instructed to do so.  You will be scheduled for a one hour appointment and if you need to complete forms you will be limiting the time allowed for your evaluation and/or will need to be rescheduled: 

Permission Form
Consent for Release of Information (to consult with other providers as needed in your case) 
Health History
Systems Survey Form
2-Day Food Recall

Step 3:

Read the New Patient Orientation Handout and watch videos (NRTesting) so that you are familiar with how my work is done.

For information on upcoming classes see calendar:

Call for more information: 707-474-9670

Email: Valerie@healthybalancedwomen.com

Downloadable Forms

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