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Applied Kinesiology assessments are used in conjunction with standard methods of diagnosis, such as clinical history, physical examination findings, laboratory tests, and instrumentation to develop a clinical impression of the unique physiologic condition of each patient, including an impression of the patient's functional physiologic status. When appropriate, this clinical impression is used as a guide to the application of conservative physiologic therapeutics.

Applied kinesiology-based procedures are administered to achieve the following examination and therapeutic goals:

* Provide an interactive assessment of the functional health status of an individual which is not equipment intensive but does emphasize the importance of correlating findings with standard

diagnostic procedures

* Restore postural balance, correct gait impairment, improve range of motion

* Restore normal afferentation to achieve proper neurologic control and/or organization of body


* Achieve homeostasis of endocrine, immune, digestive, and other visceral function

* Intervene earlier in degenerative processes to prevent or delay the onset of frank pathologic



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