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Empowering Women in All Aspects of the Stages of Life has been my passion, incorporating my knowledge and professional work experience as I guide you in your health goals. With my Bachelor’s and Master degrees in Nursing and advanced education and training in Medical Qi Gong, Kinesiology and Advanced Nutrition, I have the necessary educational background. I am a certified ProEft Practitioner and currently completing my Matrix Reimprinting Certification.In addition, training in thyroid scanning, cold laser techniques and allergy clearing compliments and provides further experience and knowledge necessary for me to assist you in your goal of wellness.

Success in coaching and facilitating your health goals are the result of my 33 years combined experience as a RN, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse-Midwife. As a single mother and professional, I can relate to women who have lived with the struggles of trying to raise children while providing financially for their education and daily comfort.

I can honestly say that it hasn’t been easy, but I feel very blessed to have incredibly wonderful children who have challenged my parenting skills.They have expanded their wings, left the nest and are now finding their own way in life with the healthy goals they set for themselves.

It’s not easy trying to be both mother and father to children. Most women agree we meet others along life’s path who educate us about life’s ups and downs.It is in that community of women where we learn how we can survive and be determined in our commitment to parent children so one day they might become emotionally healthy happy productive adults.

Women who are partnered don’t necessarily have it any easier. Our society bombards and tempts everyone to value money and “things” more than the virtues of family, morals, and love of life. Television, schools and some friends who come into our lives try to influence and gain control over the family unit. Strength to overcome and deal with the negativity we encounter daily in people and events can be found by developing our own spiritualism and in the spirit bond found with other women.

By sharing, educating and supporting each other we find resilience to keep moving forward through many of life’s trials and tribulations. The common thread that keeps us strong as women is our connection to our inner spirit, our faith in our higher spirit, friendships and our families as they all motivate us to move downstream in life rather than fighting to swim upstream.

The difficulty most women experience, as I did, is learning to make time for ourselves. We become experts at ignoring our needs and putting our energy into taking care of everyone else… house cleaning, preparing meals, making sure our partners are given attention, children are cared for, fed and homework is done. In addition, some women are care takers of their parents or of their partner’s parents, PLUS working full time.

In our efforts to be “super women” we continually neglect ourselves, disconnected from our inner self. By ignoring our body’s signs we are just are just putting duct tape over the warning lights of our body’s navigational system, until that is,there is a wake-up call. This may come as emotional and/or physical changes; hormonal symptoms of insomnia, weight gain, moodiness, hot flashes, PMS, loss of libido. Or it could be more serious with a medical diagnosis like thyroid disease, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or even cancer.

The majority of women I see have heard the wake-up call early enough to understand the importance of making lifestyle changes. However, no matter what your health status, if you are motivated it is NEVER too late to change paths and reverse dis-ease and embrace wellness. It was the same for me. By changing my nutrition, exercising and taking medical grade supplements, my health issues were addressed. I reversed abnormal thermogram readings (a radiation-free screening for breast cancer), eliminated hormone symptoms and a multitude of physical pain issues (and heavy metals that had been stored in my body), and reversed abnormal cholesterol and diabetes readings- all without medication.Also, by ridding myself of toxic professional and personal relationships, I have now been able to release extra weight more easily, and I can honestly say I feel more energetic than I did as a 35 year old.

In my 33 yr career as a Nurse Practitioner/Nurse-Midwife, I have worked with hundreds of women who, like me, began to take a hard honest look within themselves.I was able to encourage women to pursue their personal growth and open themselves up to heal past traumas as well as making lifestyle changes in order to feel better. In doing so, I watched and listened to these women one to two years later about the changes they made and the positive affects it had on their lives.

A joyful spirit comes forth with the realization that growing older isn’t as bad as we think. Relationships or jobs change and end, but the important thing to remember is that the process of life and living both mean change. We cannot change others but we can always work on ourselves. Our connection to our “true self” affects our attitudes and gives us strength to move through the experience of life with all its stressors (positive and negative), which are really only just a part of life’s lessons. Good nutrition, physical exercise, and spiritual practices keep us strong. How we incorporate these elements into our lives determines how we promote our independence and healthy aging. We have choices and we can kick and scream or yell and shout. But the fact remains…we will grow older and if we allow it…wiser.

ed with over the years who have gained strength and empowerment in defining who they are as they transitioned through their life experiences.  The bridge represents crossing over to realize their own inner strength, ability to conquer adversity and even come to respect their own beauty in the process.  The bright colors means “awakening” and empowerment or freeing of the past and moving forward in physical and emotional life health of self discovery.  Our life’s process is about learning and understanding what we are capable of ~being empowered with that positive energy to fuel us as we seek truth and a higher “self” in all aspects of life.

Often, we give our “selves” over to our families, spouses, children, work.  Even our community responsibilities take priority before we give our “selves” permission to be nurtured and cared for. In my professional/personal work I have moved from a completely allopathic western medicine approach (represented by the right side of the bridge) freeing clients from those parts of a system that are only designed to manage disease and treat symptoms to a more complete Holistic way of health and life.

My work encompasses all members of the family: children, teens and men …Parents, if you want to grow strong healthy kids build a foundation through nutrition.  If you want to eliminate the causes of their illnesses, clear allergies and remove the side effects of drugs…start your children off on the right foot with the right medicine ~nutrition.

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