Empowering Women in Health and Balance



Empowered Women in Health and Balance

(EWHB) was created for women by a professional wanting to fuel her passion and desire to teach women:

~ how to restore their health and vitality

~ reverse health problems by finding the cause and eliminating toxins

~ promote healthy aging without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery 

My 33 year professional background as a Nurse Practitioner and Nurse-Midwife along with advanced training in other modalities of healing facilitates my skills and compassion in being able to successfully work with you. 

My banner represents the many women whom I have worked with over the years who have gained strength and empowerment in defining who they are as they transitioned through their life experiences.  The bridge represents crossing over to realize their own inner strength, ability to conquer adversity and even come to respect their own beauty in the process.  The bright colors means “awakening” and empowerment or freeing of the past and moving forward in physical and emotional life health of self discovery.  Our life’s process is about learning and understanding what we are capable of ~being empowered with that positive energy to fuel us as we seek truth and a higher “self” in all aspects of life.

Often, we give our “selves” over to our families, spouses, children, work.  Even our community responsibilities take priority before we give our “selves” permission to be nurtured and cared for. In my professional/personal work I have moved from a completely allopathic western medicine approach (represented by the right side of the bridge) freeing clients from those parts of a system that are only designed to manage disease and treat symptoms to a more complete Holistic way of health and life.

My work encompasses all members of the family: children, teens and men …Parents, if you want to grow strong healthy kids build a foundation through nutrition.  If you want to eliminate the causes of their illnesses, clear allergies and remove the side effects of drugs…start your children off on the right foot with the right medicine ~nutrition.

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Valerie Ozsu MSN CNM NP, Certified ProEFT Practitioner
Natural Health and Wellness Center, Inc
524 Merchant Street, Suite A
Vacaville, CA 95688
Office: 707-474-9670
Cell: 707-631-1048

Email: Valerie@healthybalancedwomen.com


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